" Elladio Dieste says that, when approaching excellence, architecture is the music of space. Architecture would be similar to a rhythm, a kind of harmonic modulation that allows us to distinguish, without seeing it, the hidden order of space. Similarly, reversing the terms, one could say that music is the architecture of time: in this sense, music can attribute body extension and consistency to time. Both definitions refer to unsurpassed levels, those towards which every art always tends. "

Carlos Martí Arís, Eloquent Silences

The space in which we are immersed constitutes the soundtrack of our existence. Imagining and composing new spaces is equivalent to adding new songs to listen to: silent melodies between volumes that resonate with light and shadow.

Studio Ventidue (s-22) offers spatial solutions through a continuous search between roots and projection, between what has been and what could be, recognizing the greatest resource of the project to the limit.

Time, space, and therefore, architecture.

Interpretation and synthesis guide the design activity, seeking comparison with the breadth of possibilities, from the scale of the city to that of the object. Finally, passion requires us to consider space not as a result to be achieved, but as the principle on which our ambitions are based.
It represents the answer to a thousand questions.
The necessary change.
The right sound.

Mirko Santoni, Architect, graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan with the thesis The roots of the sacred (2017). He has participated in projects and exhibitions in which the context, infrastructure and landscape are approached with an architectural approach, drawing on the concepts consolidated in history and declined in the modalities of contemporary living. He worked on the themes of the sacred and spirituality in contexts where poverty and lack of development make the cult center of gravity of everyday life. He collaborated as a consultant with IoArch magazine, focused on the relationship between design and context and on the role of architecture in the contemporary world. He has collaborated with Barreca & La Varra, dealing with residential projects and supplementary housing services.

Pierpaolo Nieri, Interior Designer, graduated from the European Design Institute (IED) in Florence developing a new concept for living for Airbnb (2018). Through research, he deepened the most characteristic aspects of contemporary aesthetics, referring to the contrast between memory and current events as essential elements for understanding the project. He collaborated with the PLS Design studio in Florence, dealing with high fashion retail and residential projects, both in the Italian and international context; with the Maresca Interiors studio in London, dedicating itself to spaces for trade and furniture design. He presented Läma, the student's desk at the Fuorisalone in Milan (2019).